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                                “write, let’s break outta here!”

                      stuck in compromise
                      a-foreclosed, I need to
                      break out, I need to create

                      something strange and
                      beautiful – too hideous to
                      contemplate – and abandon it

                      in order that it digest into
                      my everyday construction,
                      rags around the base of a high, steel wall





beauty wormhole: it is complete
compromise wormhole: block ‘n’ role
creativity wormhole: start where / you are II
depression wormhole: relapse
letting go wormhole: like butterflies on / buddleia
life wormhole: recovered
living wormhole: dream 260815
samsara wormhole: un … able
speech wormhole: … anymore
walls wormhole: mauve / night
writing wormhole: after all?