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                                                   right into the side of the very door left
                                                                                            open for me

                                                   guru or madman
                                both or neither


                                                                      now stay with this

                I am both neither separately
                                                   and all alternately
and never the ‘twain shall meet when they do
                                                   because they were never distinct
                                in the first place
                                                   (as Aristotle said of the wax
                                    and the shape of the wax
                of a candle)

                                                   I am finding now
                                (through an endless series of carefully
                                                                      surprising trips and stumbles
                                                   through life)
(only some of which I now realise I had but didn’t at the time I was travelling –
                                                                      through writing)
                                (and sitting)
                that to be a guru of any worthwhile notice at all
                                                                      you need to be so exposed broken
                                                   and humiliated
                                that the last thing you intend to be
                                                                      is a guru
                as you act naturally-enough
                                                                      to breathe the breath of others for them

                                                   … allay wh-oops
                                                                      there I go again






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