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                           in winter he has to wear
                           open sandals to keep comfortable

                           she sits at the determined table
                           leans his handsome cane

                           on the spare chair awaiting
                           his return one and a half steps

                           at a time, ‘there, cappuccino,’
                           placed in front of her ‘americano’

                           across the table and just the
                           ‘splackk’ of a pack of wafer creams

                           between; they talk about the
                           optician’s but end up talking

                           about Syria; he tries on the
                           new glasses; he wears a simple

                           gold wedding band





coffee shop wormhole: 1959 –– MANHATTAN –– 2012
Eastbourne wormhole: I could step / more open
feet wormhole: step
gold wormhole: tag cloud poem VIII – growth
speech wormhole: the streets just fill with business
table wormhole: new year’s eve 2014; train up to London to / walk the bridges across the Thames, and / listen to the voices say it is, and was, like, / but get back home before the fireworks / obliterate it all in the emptying twilight
talking wormhole: the lines are not that straight / after all
winter wormhole: Dr Strange V – all the words of all the times of all the worlds speak