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                                                                                 thick thick fog

                                              charcoal grey and, oh, so enveloping …
                                                              … quite interesting, really, but
                                                                                 lifetimes’ thick

                do I look for where it parts by itself –
                                where an olive or a lime seem to suggest and to beckon and
                                chase them like a barking dragon wherever they may go

                do I sit here
and watch the billows overlap and pollute in all their pattern and wait
                                for when the gap comes
                                to me

                when I’ll be ready for it?





awareness wormhole: Compartment C, Car 193, 1938
fog wormhole: sit
grey & waves wormhole: fine droplets / across the glass
letting go wormhole: a little bit of love / and muffle
lifetimes wormhole: Hotel Room, 1931
lime wormhole: finding my own true nature – Plumstead, Woolwich, 190915
olive wormhole: the edge has come …
searching wormhole: Grizedale College
sitting wormhole: because