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                                                … vague

                almost a cube of house
                                with italianate roof
                                used as office now
                (upper floors lighted by darkening afternoon
                 bare windowed like decades no longer used)
                                                fluorescent square light
                                                down the side
                                dim light from the high ceiling
                                through the front window
                but someone in a lemon jacket
                standing turning to a wall chart talking
                on the phone
                                the chimney stacks rendered
                                but unpainted high
                                and granular against the sky
here comes the rain
                                                big wet patches on my trouser leg





house wormhole: prospect
lemon wormhole: greedy
light wormhole: the quiet whale
rain & sky wormhole: pass and / fro
roof wormhole: balance
talking wormhole: and I lose sight of her into memory
Tunbridge Wells wormhole: Trinity Arts
windows wormhole: the sitting room