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                                                                                           chores to do

                                                                                      ‘what’s up with him?’
                                                                                      ‘oh, he’s all crotchety;

                                                                                      he was up all night
                                                                                      writing poetry’ up
                                                                                           all night

                                                                                      writing poetry
                                                                                      what a magnificent way

                                                                                      to live
                                                                                      and die


                                     hinge                                                                      hinge


                                          chores to do

                     “why is he all cross and tetchy?”
                     “oh he was up half the night
                           writing poetry”

                     he struggled with a moment
                           into the inky night
                     it grained and knotted
                           and textured into
                           fainting away

                     the lamp went off
                     and only when the shapes
                           outside the window
                           turned ink-green

                     did the cadences and
                           parentheses fall away
                           and the moment
                           sat clean and perfect
                     in the middle of the page




I started writing in 1976 when I was 16 years old; the nurture and raising of that seed had been long and occasional through the tender hands of JD Salinger, Andre Gide and Batman; I have NO embarrassment in saying that the midwife to my actually putting pen to paper was John-Boy Walton – the quoted words are from the first episode of the Waltons (I think)


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