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                        I did you the honour
                        of offering my thought
                and plan and map and practice all free of charge and
                        wrapped up quietly
                        and you were gracious
                enough to beneath-your-notice disregard it all

                        three years later
                        I was blessed with the need
                to widen my responsibility ‘to help us all out’
                and you seemed somewhat perturbed and even a little incredulous
                        when I declined
                        the precious opportunity

                        four years later
                you suggested with great tact and charm
                        that I cultivate
                what I’d actually been practising for four years now and seemed
                        genuinely concerned
                        when I became ill

                        five years later you
                wouldn’t talk to me            politely
                        ten years later
                you told me I was respected
                        but I was still ill

                so I was just wondering –
                if it’s all the same to you – when
                are you going to let up on making the tough decisions
                        on everyone’s behalf and
                        in everyone’s life enough to
                fucking listen a bit so that we can do something worthwhile for a change

                        and breathe?

                                                           :just wondering …





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communication wormhole: management and managerialism
managerialism & teaching wormhole: Continuing / Professional / Development
practice wormhole: breathe, be / and sit still
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