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                      she’s ‘roughed out an essay’
                                   on the terrace table
                      while the sky rose blue and distinguished itself
                                   from the sea
                      now she squeaks about the apartment
                                   in pink crocs
                      as the sun appears from over the cliffs behind making
                                   a cup of tea, gov


on the happy 33rd anniversary of that growing contract between us, exempting itself from all clauses that never have been needed had they been made anyway, through sheer maturation; we are almost organic, now …




blue & sky & sun wormhole: I could step / more open
C wormhole: happy birthday, my love
love wormhole: letters to Mum IV – healing comes in smiling
morning & sea & sound wormhole: !
pink wormhole: on sitting / in front of / a hedge
speech wormhole: letters to Mum III – ongoing-term // eventually
table wormhole: swifts test the chasm of sky
tea wormhole: again