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                                … ohpe!
                there it goes again
tens of hours of shaping and formatting a piece
                and placing it and checking it
                                no hits

                timely reminder
that I have rather seeped into publishing of late
                like gloss paint dried into wood-grain
                                making me all used up
                and no air for writing
                                no air for living or sitting


                same as with markbook
                                years past
                the same as with anything
that can find my way through the anonymity and overlook
                to become identified
                                and then flog it
                flog it for all its worth
well why not flog it for all its worth
                                because it puts all my eggs into one basket
                and baskets these days
                                are one among a million



                the fly
that was annoying me in the too hot conservatory is now
in the pint of peppermint tea I was letting cool
                and was really
                looking forward to


                I need to flush
the askance and dance
                                through everything I live
                not just through the poetry
                I can’t do that
if I am too gravitated in the centre of anything trying
                                to Make Me a Star and Saviour!

                … guess
guess what the conclusion is going to be
                                c’mon now
how can I loosen my centre of gravity
                so I can askance and dance freely
                                without being there at all

                                come on now class
                Redford – put your phone away
                                and give it a try
Mark – stop staring out the window
                Lewis – put your hand down
                                give the others a chance
                altogether now:



                … OK, Lewis, tell us why …
well if you sit being aware of the thousand thoughts and movements which are not sitting
with them and just smiling on them sweetly as they pass
                                you create a gap in the centre –

                                no you don’t
                the gap is already there
in fact there is nothing BUT gap
                                there has always only been nothing there   -yes
                alright Mark
let Lewis finish:-

                – you create a gap
in the centre of thought and movement
you find your true self which was never localised in the first place
                                no matter how hard Redford tried –

                oh so
I’ve been wasting my life trying
calm down don’t –

the door
                go after him will you Mark
tell him he’s been living his wastes all along but that
                                he still needs to find those gaps in the


                oh, and Mark, try not to be so insensitive in future





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