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                so the lay of the day
                sets differently than ago and

                we have to unpack everything
                and decide where it will go

                before we hear naked feet slamp
                on vinyl floor and tile

                before the rainbow hangs
                a curtain between one volcano

                and the next but one, before the
                notes on the text become

                unnecessary-enough to know
                that combustion happens only when

                I-want-things-to-happen and
                when I-do-not-want-things-to-happen

                as before, that new air
                folds through an apartment only

                when the rain has settled
                the dust





air wormhole: Cocktails in 1951
feet wormhole: om muni muni maha muniye soha
holiday wormhole: concordance
living wormhole: Sandwich
rain wormhole: for / the first time
sound wormhole: London refugee march – 120915
study wormhole: looking back over the tack / and jibe of my life I / notice there is / a fetch // after all … / but certainly not / where I had planned / or where I thought / I’d been
time wormhole: is this it // all the time