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                           through a cracked glass greenly

                it’s bad enough
            I offer my thought and care
                and creation
                and you
            sweetly no edge completely
                side-blind me and
                expect of me
            to perform to your management
                which …
            … sorry Mark were you saying


            there was nothing wrong with the tri-partite system
            nothing wrong with leaving before 16
            there was nothing wrong with selection
            there was nothing wrong with vocationalism
            nothing wrong with apprenticeships
            there was nothing wrong with the National Curriculum
            there was nothing wrong with O-levels
            nothing wrong with GCSEs GNVQs or Btecs
            nothing wrong with SATs
            nothing wrong with Assessment for Learning
            nothing wrong even with Academies

            it’s just that they all of them
            haven’t been done properly
            because Those Who Don’t Teach
            stand aside
            and see only
            the full stop

            but education is not
                the full stop
            it is not the words the syntax
                the grammar
            it is not the tense the parse
                or the propositions
            it is the communication
                it is the communication

            you don’t see by looking at your own eye lens
            you can’t bite your own teeth
            you can’t teach by plan and performance


            don’t tell me to differentiate my outcomes
                I prefer to see where on the horizon
                we find ourselves
            don’t tell me to personalise my differentiation
                I prefer to hold eye-contact
            don’t tell me to act with the corporation
                I prefer to communicate
            don’t tell me to respond to OFSTED criteria
                I prefer to make the journey myself
            don’t tell me anything
                I learnt how to walk
            and I learnt how to talk
                when I was two





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