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                                the fall of the curtains
                                folded on the desktop
                                and the constant wondering
                                of airliners

            breathe in acceptingly
                      not laboured not diverted
                and let it out consequently
                                not anxious not nostalgically

            think inclusively
                      not constructively not definitively
                and let it roll wonderingly
                                not directedly not distractedly

            feel widely
                      not discerningly not discriminatorily
                and let it speak lovingly
                                not despairingly not reproachfully

            write naïvely
                      not militantly not formatively
                and let it read naïvely
                                not with measure not with wealth

            teach alchemically
                      not qualified not quantified
                and let it spread evenly
                                not owned not used

            do all of this sufficiently
                      not too much not too little
                and let it settle as it will
                                free and easy





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