calculated perpetual and relentless naïveté …

just saying, is all – III




                                                                                    just saying, is all – III

                                              I watched the first generation of pupils sit their GCSEs

                                              then I watched the National Curriculum
                                find a gear
                and crunch-jerk launch the level system of attainment
                                across all the subjects
                                              then I watched the whole dialogue –
                political and educational
                                and the funding that went with it –
                                              shift from process and nurture
                to outcomes and statistics

                                and then I felt the reform of teaching professionalism
                and watched the proliferation
of endless sheets of planning, four - part lessons, Assessment for Learning, Ready for Learning, Every Child Matters, Inclusion, Continuing Professional Development, targetting, intervention, Boulders into Pebbles, Investors in People, accountability, Achieving Together, Be a Part of It, G2O                      
                                the unforgettable 2 As & 2 Bs
                the Freedom to All Think Along the Same Lines (glorious times)
(and I’m really looking forward to the innovative work to be launched soon by Professor Cobbly from the prestigious University of Fisc’ut, Corporateshire, (not least of all because he happens to be my uncle))

                                              and all the while
                                those who work hard achieve well
                                              in the wash
                those who don’t don’t whether they are intelligent or not
                                if they are going to be angry or lazy
                they will find a way to be so
                                              whether you teach them to their very marrow
                                or just let them alone

                                              most teachers
                                just get through their career
                all of them measured to within an inch of their vocation
                                some keep their love
                                some make a difference
                                when no one is … measuring

                                              all kids
                                just get through school
                                most kids do OK
                                some kids thrive





career wormhole: tag cloud poem IV – C
education & results-led education wormhole: poessay VIII: / educational behaviourism
love wormhole: plethora: the Dark Knight Strikes Again (2002)
politics wormhole: my life is not your market
professionalism wormhole: Assessment for Learning: the Lamp
teaching wormhole: which is worse


my life is not your market




                my life is not your market*

                                such anger
                                at ConDem

                                at managerialism
                                the smiling arrogance

                                that renders me powerless
                                in the name of progress

                                swallows any beauty in my world


*protest slogan placard at the TUC ‘A Future That Works’ march in London 20th October 2012: please click to listen (see if you can spot me)
20th October 2012




beauty & life wormhole: vagued
London wormhole: 1963
managerialism wormhole: which is worse
politics wormhole: Assessment for Learning: the Lamp
powerlessness wormhole: lost self
smile wormhole: … and
world wormhole: 1966






                                vagued when young
                and beguiled by sudden colour all beautiful but the treasure
                                              I never knew
                                              I had

                                I emerged myself
                through the vague I buffed up the sudden-colour unsure
                                              as I defined myself bas-
                                              relief to my work

                                and role – maybe
                I can reveal a treasure maybe this is what I am destined to do
                                              but they didn’t see it
                                              so I kept it to myself

                                I made the call
                there was no response eleven years twenty five years forty
                                              five years

                                a long time
                I have kept all my wonder secret within my eyes / it seeps out at times / exposed but not expressed / still vague still unsure no platform / I cannot lead I cannot prophesy … just / let it be found                      
                                              (it is never found)
                                              (it is sometimes tripped over) … fine

                                but then hubris
                I thought I could – and I did – and I hung all my being on it – the turning point of my biography –
                                              and the bleak landscape
                                              I have found hard to bear

                                I am
                better placed / and better identified / being covert
                                              and not think
                                              I could ever part the seas





beauty wormhole: you are in uniform
being wormhole: achieving good-enough living
childhood & emergence & life wormhole: what to do
communication & identity wormhole: plethora: the Dark Knight Strikes Again (2002)
eyes wormhole: gazing at the night / as my eyes passed the jagged hole / my head disappeared
naïveté wormhole: (Little by Little)
others wormhole: the sounds the difficulty and the long long strands of liquorice
thought wormhole: which is worse
time wormhole: prologue
work wormhole: dream / 301197 // home


achieving good-enough living




                                achieving good-enough living but
                                stuck hoping for an achievement wanting
                                to rediscover the gasp-colour of newfind
                                and the release of wayforward

                                the streetlight
                shining in through the bedroom window and impossibly illumining
                                the dark green sheen
                                              of the velvet curtains
                                                              on the inside


light shining in




bedroom wormhole: tag cloud poem III – the journey to BEING and back again
being & doing wormhole: “I think I’ll have a nice sandwich”
curtains wormhole: Love Me Do
green & living wormhole: plethora: the Dark Knight Strikes Again (2002)
searching wormhole: 1966
streetlight wormhole: star / through the kitchen / window
windows wormhole: axis: bold as love


which is worse




                                                                      which is worse

                                being held accountable
                                to a practice which
                                presumes a compromised thought

                                or being blanked from
                                the dialectic which would develop
                                a principled thought into practice

                or both?





compromise & managerialism & teaching wormhole: poessay VIII: / educational behaviourism
practice wormhole: prologue
thought wormhole: plethora: the Dark Knight Strikes Again (2002)


plethora: the Dark Knight Strikes Again (2002)


The Dark Knight Strikes Again (2002); writer: Frank Miller; artists: Frank Miller, Lynn Varley



                              plethora: the Dark Knight Strikes Again (2002)

                                                            human store
                              bloated to homunculean proportion
                                   when glimpsed

                                             human whore
                    clenched to butt-round shouldn’t tantalus
                              when communicating

                                   human law
               infected with green lobes and infinite pixels
                              when serving

                         human war
          sputum-bilious from the love which couldn’t Have
                              when living

               human core
     mad as a food whisk masticating what it speaks
                              when speaking

     human spore
profligate of claim and statement to Have as currency
                              when building

                              with hands that span
                              and feet that stand
                    the planes that ‘scape and kaleidoscope

                              thought contorts and twists
                    involuntary-contrary to the atomic space it seeks to bridge
                                        free for those who ride the writhe that releases when
                                                  the atoms disperse

                                                  as they always do
                                        as they always will
                              vain and vein to the maintenance of world
                                                  and self

                              beings talk with thought
                              creatures think with will
                    and denizens of the 21st century Have everything
                                             but ideas

                                                       no wonder
                                        everything is so big and gaudy





breath wormhole: … walking down the street
communication & Have & identity wormhole: poessay VIII: / educational behaviourism
feet wormhole: the Avengers
green wormhole: 1966
hands wormhole: dream / 130207
living wormhole: “I think I’ll have a nice sandwich”
love & talking wormhole: axis: bold as love
society wormhole: multifarious: the Dark Knight Returns (1986)
thinking wormhole: gazing at the night / as my eyes passed the jagged hole / my head disappeared
thought wormhole: as they wish
war wormhole: 220712
words wormhole: window


axis: bold as love




                                   axis: bold as love

                                   shaded wall lights
                                   and renewing crests
                                   of talking and eating
                                   across the busy tables

                                   and what is that song end
                                   of verse with guitar finish
                                   but then the sun
                                   came out and caught the
                                   curved backs of two empty chairs





afternoon wormhole: tag cloud poem II – acceptance
guitar wormhole: electric guitar
light wormhole: quest in brown
love wormhole: lost self
people wormhole: shared anxiety
sun wormhole: … sshhh
talking wormhole: multifarious: the Dark Knight Returns (1986)
windows wormhole: gazing at the night / as my eyes passed the jagged hole / my head disappeared


poessay VIII: / educational behaviourism




                                poessay VIII:
                                educational behaviourism

                     teaching is a
                                          between teacher and pupil between school and teacher

                     management of education
                                has shifted from collegiate sharing to hierarchical interview
                                          without consultation
                     a velvet coup deep into the Heartland of Vocation – the desire to give
                                Opening of Mind –
                                          which has nullified teacher creativity and reduced learning to
                                                      controlled behaviour which you can Have

                                dialogue is dissipated
                                communication devolves to
                                demand and consumption
                                there is no interaction
                                there is no communication
                                only mechanism
                                because mechanism is easily switched
                                and mechanism is easily measured

                     the more that communication is systemic and systematic
                                the more it provides springboard for pupils to define themselves
          defining the inverse norm of behaviour in which individuals site themselves
                     and against which education must then try to





communication wormhole: sunny day
compromise wormhole: tag cloud poem IV – C
creativity wormhole: I don’t think I could do it anymore
education wormhole: Put service back into people rather than productivity
giving & Have wormhole: multifarious: the Dark Knight Returns (1986)
identity & teaching wormhole: “I think I’ll have a nice sandwich”
management & results-led education wormhole: … just saying is all I
managerialism wormhole: that’s me / in the corner that’s me in the spot light / losing my religion*
poessay wormhole: poessay VI: // truth


“I think I’ll have a nice sandwich”




                “I think I’ll have a nice sandwich”

                I publish people read don’t read
                I weave my lessons with no voice
                I border my family wide as a field

                                – and –

                all the while I am the empty hub around which all else revolves
                                I am not the centripetal I am not the centrifugal
                                                breathing in
                                                                breathing out





being & breathing & doing & identity & living wormhole: what to do
family wormhole: still waving!
field wormhole: prologue
publishing wormhole: heavy load
reading wormhole: and …
teaching wormhole: gazing at the night / as my eyes passed the jagged hole / my head disappeared


what to do




                        didn’t know what
                        to do when I was eight

                        I gave things my best shot
                        but no one seemed to notice
                        (except when things went wrong)

                        now I don’t put out as much (as I can
                        get away with) because it confirms to me
                        in deed that I still do not know what to do but

                        that’s alright, Markie, that’s alright, at least you’ve
                        grown now to learn, through all that breathing, that things
                        happen because you are there, the moreso that you notice them than do





attention & awareness & breathing wormhole: prologue
being & childhood & doing & emergence & life wormhole: gazing at the night / as my eyes passed the jagged hole / my head disappeared
child wormhole: tag cloud poem IV – C
divorce wormhole: someone called Frank
growth wormhole: the sounds the difficulty and the long long strands of liquorice
identity wormhole: 1966
living & settling wormhole: no quota too empty / no fate to fulfil
recognition wormhole: that’s me / in the corner that’s me in the spot light / losing my religion*


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